Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Volunteers Waste No Time Getting to Work in Cambodia

As opening ceremony speeches were taking place onshore in Cambodia, an extensive set of medical outreach activities were already emanating from the USNS Mercy, many of them including Project HOPE volunteers.

One team including nurse Dawn Gaynor began day one of surgeries for Cambodians in the Mercy’s Operating Rooms.

The pediatric group onboard welcomed children brought in by boat; it included nurses Fran Bauer and Peggy Goebel.

Student nurse Abby Chua was quizzed by the visiting Rear Admiral Christine Bruzek-Kohler on a patient’s diagnosed condition while fellow student nurse Patrick McNichols helped a three-year-old girl and her father cope with a ringworm infection of the head and face.

On the ICU ward on a very long shift were nurses Cherri Dobson and Chelsea Spindel.

Nurse Diane Sperenza was at the intake spot on the hospital ship called “Casualty Receiving.”

Janna Tamminga was providing Physical Therapy onboard.

On the Medical Surgical ward for the night shift was nurse Terry Tucker.

Nurse Kathy Templin was working onboard while colleague nurse Peggy Holt had a day of “liberty” in town along with students.

Another team undertook the first full day of seeing new patients at the Sihanouk Provincial Hospital; it included Project HOPE volunteer hospitalist Betsy Trefts, MD, family nurse practitioner Mary Levitz, and Medical Assistant Catherine Chung. A contingent of twenty people including pediatrician John Neale, MD, brought supplies and activities to the children at the Goodwill Center in town. Pharmacist Earl Rogers along with student Kristina Angelone were working in the dispensary, while their colleague Renee Summerson went off by helicopter for a five day Medical Civic Action Project in Kampot, rural Cambodia. Other doctors and nurses flew as far as Ratanakiri to deliver the medical care needed there.

Thanks for reading - Mary Hamill, Ph.D.,Project HOPE PAO

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