Friday, June 18, 2010

Dr. Betsy Trefts Brings Health and Smiles to her Young Patients

On the Pediatric Ward on the USNS Mercy many children and adolescents are treated for many different diseases.

Often it is Project HOPE volunteer Dr. Betsy Trefts, who is doing the treating. Betsy is both a pediatrician and a hospitalist and brings to the ship her skill sets from both specialties. She also brings much good cheer to her patients.

Here she is seen examining the eyes of a Vietnamese boy lucky enough to be getting help while still a pre-schooler.

By contrast, adolescents who find their way to Betsy’s care have typically struggled for several years. Pictured here on the Ward with his mother is such a 17-year-old, namely Vansi Huyng, who had long endured the combined problems of a cleft palate and a heart murmur. He was helped by Betsy and also by Mercy Navy surgeons, HOPE student nurse Abigail Chua and HOPE nurses Peggy Goebel and Peggy Holt, among others.

Thanks for reading - Mary Hamill, Ph.D.,Project HOPE PAO

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