Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Students Teach Malaria Prevention

As 1000 people onboard the USNS Mercy for Pacific Partnership 2010 continue their work on behalf of the people of Vietnam and Cambodia, malaria is one major consideration and a frequent topic of conversation. Everybody has been advised to use appropriate prophylaxis, such as with Doxycycline or Malarone, but questions remain.

The ship presented a formal session on malaria by Project HOPE volunteers for any Mercy personnel who wished to attend. “Nursing students from University of San Diego and pharmacy students from Shenandoah University will discuss prevention, recognition and treatment of Malaria,” the notice read.

The well-prepared students gave a practical and professional presentation to a large audience consisting largely of doctors, nurses, and other health care professionals. The students’ answers to the substantial questioning at the end were especially well regarded. After being congratulated by a number of people including the ship’s chaplain, the students asked their faculty members to identify themselves and come forward for a picture.

The presenters from Shenandoah University (who won a competition at their University for this opportunity) were Kristina Angelone and Renee Summerson, mentored by Earl Rogers, Pharmacist. The presenters from University of San Diego were Abigail Chua, Catherine Chung, Will Flores, Kimberly Fong, Jacqueline Iseri and Patrick McNichols, precepted by faculty members Kathleen Templin, RN and by Peggy Holt, RN. Clearly the students are benefiting from the clinical and educational opportunities at the same time as the hospital ship is benefiting from their services. Together we are improving our preparedness to give humanitarian and civic assistance.

Thanks for reading - Mary Hamill, Ph.D., Project HOPE PAO

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