Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Medical Equipment Donation to Help 24,000 in Vietnam

The Quang Tung Ward Clinic, in Quy Nohn City, Vietnam, freshly renovated and attractively painted is the second of four engineering civic action programs to be completed by engineers from Australia, the U.S., and Vietnam as part of Pacific Partnership 2010. A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held at the clinic on Friday June 4, 2010 attended by United States Ambassador, Michael W. Michalak, Commanding Officer Pacific Partnership 2010, Captain Lisa Franchetti, the Vietnam Vice Minister Of Health, Trinh Quan Huan and members of the local community. Dr. Marshall Cusic, Project HOPE's Medical Director also attended the event.

The clinic represents the continuing relationship between Project HOPE, the Pacific Partnership 2010, and the country of Vietnam. With the completion of the renovation Project HOPE donated over $19,000 dollars worth of medical supplies and durable medical equipment requested by the Quang Tung Ward Clinic and the Binh Dinh Provincial Hospital to help stock this facility. This equipment included hospital beds, surgical equipment, an acupuncture device and a variety of equipment used in the assessment and treatment of patients and will be used to help provide care to over 24,000 residents of this area.

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