Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Volunteers Well Prepared for Upcoming Medical Mission

April 8, 2009

Everyone is working hard to get ready. Dave Eddy(Project HOPE's Operation director) and Harry Knaster(Project HOPE's Medical Director), like so many others, have been burning the midnight oil. I talked to one of the crewmen who works on the flight deck, and he said he pulled a 22-hour shift on Monday.

During the day, we had classes in every specialty from a pediatrics class to learning some Creole. After lunch, Harry invited a Haitian doctor, Aldy Castor, to speak to us on cultural issues…but when we got to the room it was set up for a dermatology class. So we let them go first. It was fascinating but some of the pix were gross. I don’t think I’ll go anywhere barefoot again. The instructor was enthusiastic and mixed in some hilarious video clips. He took one of the clips in Iraq, where some buddies were teaching the local military how to do jumping jacks. Anyway, we finally had our culture class. Dr. Castor was very friendly and helped us understand how to connect with the patients.

Every evening at 1900 there’s an all-hands “confirmation update” in the galley. This is when we’re given the information we need for the next day’s POD (plan of the day). Such as, what we’ll hear on the 1MC (intercom) – which someone said sounds like Charlie Brown’s teacher – when it’s time to report for transport to shore. You don’t want to miss your call to get on the boat! You could feel the excitement in tonight’s meeting since tomorrow’s POD involves moving personnel and cargo ashore.

Thanks for reading--Tom

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  1. Tom -- thanks for the updates on what is going on in Haiti with Project HOPE ... my son is onboard the USNS Comfort and this is a way for me to read about all the things they are doing -- thank you!!! I look forward to more updates and pictures of this mission. Thanks again for helping family members to see a glimpse of what is going on.