Friday, April 24, 2009

Project HOPE Volunteers Begin Work in the Dominican Republic

From April 22, 2009

The first wave of worker bees went ashore today. Because of the heavy swells -- we're anchored outside the harbor -- the mariners had to improvise the transfer method: it's a 2-boat operation -- pax (i.e., passengers) are lowered in a lifeboat, then step over to the Hospitality One or Hospitality Two tender boat. Even the Seabees described this as "interesting." Our Sarah Cryer was all smiles, though, after a day of triaging at the Santa Luisa School. Harry, Emily, Peggy and Judi did primary care and triaging at the Pabellon de Balomano Sports Complex, which was the site of the Pan Am Games a few years ago, while our educators -- Lynn, Susan, Michele and Suzie -- spent the day at the Hospital Amigo de las Ninas y las Madres (Friend of Children and Mothers Hospital). They taught BLS (basic life saving), which, surprisingly, no one there had ever been taught. A small group of surgical patients came aboard yesterday. Their surgeries will take place Saturday. Since they came from the countryside, the command didn't want to send them home, only to have to make the trek back tomorrow. So they get an extra night at the Comfort Inn. BTW, one of my favorite hotels from Marriott days is on the shore, just opposite where we're anchored.


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