Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Project HOPE Volunteers Prepare for Work

All hands were briefed today on the overall plan for our first stop on the seven country humanitarian assistance and health education mission. Project HOPE volunteers and Navy personnell will be working at eight different sites in Haiti, including two sites for primary care (medical and dental). Screenings for on-board surgery will be done at one of the primary sites.

We've heard that the streets surrounding these sites are already packed with people waiting for the chance to be seen.

The other sites will operate on a smaller scale, offering a variety of services. The Seabees will be doing repairs and renovation at a hospital, and there will be veterinary services available at two locations. Everyone who has pets knows that animals are people, too! In addition animals in countries such as Haiti also serve as essential work animals, or provide needed milk to families who have little.

Anticipation is building on the ship. It's going to get busy very soon.

Thanks for reading - Tom


  1. Hey Tom,
    I look forward to your blog posts and will be following you daily! I sure wish I could have joined you, hope you have a fantastic time!

  2. Tom,

    Thanks for posting. I'll be following to keep up you because my wife is on board.