Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Volunteers Arrive in Haiti

April 9, 2009

Land ho! I went out on the weather deck at 0630, just as we were anchoring a mile or so off shore, and got my first look at Port-au-Prince. It was hazy and warm. A few small fishing boats went by, a couple of them a little too close for the guards’ liking and they were chased away. As the haze burned off, the proverbial “mountains beyond mountains” came into view. I wonder what the people in the homes clinging to the mountainsides think of the Comfort.

0930 – The helo just took off with cargo and personnel. The Internet cafĂ© where I’m writing this entry is just one deck below and a little aft of the flight deck. The walls are rattling. Boat landings are ongoing, as well. In just a few hours everything will be good to go ashore for the opening ceremony…and then the docs and nurses get to work!

1530 – Two of my cabin-mates just returned from the opening ceremony. (I’m down in the berthing area now, a couple of decks below the water line. No helo noise here….) They said it was really nice but the boat ride was a little rough. No problem…take the helo next time guys!

Thanks for reading--Tom

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