Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Project HOPE Volunteers Good Shipmates on USNS Comfort Sail to Domincan Republic

Monday April 20
The Hopies had an opportunity to be good shipmates by serving the meals today. I worked the breakfast line, scooping eggs and pouring syrup. Got the hang of it pretty quick and didn't make too much of a mess. I could tell the crew appreciated we were giving some people the day off, and if I accidentally gave out more than the allotted portion they really appreciated it. The ship dropped anchor after breakfast. We're less than a mile off shore. The current is really strong, which will make boat transfers a thrill ride. The crew got most of the equipment ashore and there was an opening ceremony (I wasn't able to go to that). After dinner, all the NGO folks had a private dinner with Commodore Lineberry and a speech. The skyline of Santo Domingo, especially in the dark, stands in stark contrast to Port-au-Prince. No mountains covered with humble homes. Lots of high rises, many lit up with bright neon.



  1. Tom,

    Thanks for the blog. I'm following you because my wife is one of the Corpsmen aboard. I'm sure she appreciated the breakfast service. Keep up the great work.

    Stay safe,

  2. Thanks, Bernie. We have a lot of respect for the Corpsmen, who are doing a great job juggling many duties, many of which aren't even their area of expertise. Tom