Thursday, September 23, 2010

Volunteers Endure Heat and Humidity to Provide Care

While several Project HOPE volunteers went ashore today, the rest of us wait, clean, type, read, do laundry, exercise, visit, learn from others on board, etc. It will be great to hear their stories when they return.

Due to the heat and humidity, they have warned us that most of us won’t want to go ashore more than a few days in a row. There is a need to look out for each other and work as a team to keep us all well.

One of the really cool things here, uh besides the air conditioning on board, is the opportunity we have to meet people from all branches of service, and not just from the USA, but there are people from Canada, Paraguay, Holland, and a few other places. It’s a wonderful opportunity to share in cross-culture ideas and where people have been in the services.

Did you know that there is a military branch called the United States Public Health Service? I did not until I came on board. They say that they are one of the best-kept secrets of any military branch. Yup, lots to learn daily with such a mix of people!

Photos and story by Bonnie Hudlet, HOPE's Volunteer Public Affairs Officer

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