Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Throngs of People Await Volunteers in Costa Rica

On our first day of giving care in Costa Rica, the Project HOPE volunteers and myself eagerly make the 10-minute walk from the pier to the medical site. As we round the corner to the site, there are throngs of people, celebrity-like throngs.

The advance teams have set up the patient care areas for the medical teams and after a little trial and error on how best to get the patients in and out the respective treatment areas, things are running well.

It’s hot and humid; it’s Costa Rica in late summer. By 10am my t-shirt is drenched, I’ve drank 2 liters of water and need more.

There are still people streaming in and crowds waiting in the streets to see the doctors. They are standing in the sun. The Marines and Navy guys put up a few more canopies to get them in the shade.

The shaved ice and coco frio venders are on site and doing a pretty good business.

Photos and story by Kevin Makowski, Project HOPE Public Affairs Officer

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