Thursday, September 30, 2010

More than 7,000 Patients Treated in Nicaragua

“All hands on deck!” It is time to clear the helos of their cargo. Continuing Promise 2010 is preparing to leave the land of Nicaragua. And while we may be leaving, we are satisfied with the work we accomplished in the country. All in all, Project HOPE volunteers and their military and partner counterparts:

Treated 7,006 patients
Provided medical 22,613 services
Performed 149 surgeries
Participated in 31,343 educational contacts

While preparing for our departure, our work continued. While only a few had the privilege of going ashore on the last day, but all who wanted could help with clearing the choppers of their cargo.

Everyone who came off the helicopters had something in their hand, if they did not have their own things, they had a bag of mail, a shovel, or whatever else they could carry. They also formed a chain from one helo to the hangar bay to deliver the mail and whatever else they could send to the right spot with a human chain. I counted at least 100 people in the chain for the mail.

The plan for now is to pull anchor and head south to Panama. Hard to believe it is time to leave Nicaragua already.

Photos and story by Bonnie Hudlet, HOPE's Volunteer Public Affairs Officer

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