Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Volunteers Arrive in Nicaragua

After two days at sea, we set anchor near Blue Fields, Nicaragua. During those two days we spent the time getting settled, figuring out the routine, and the Project HOPE volunteer nurses, doctors, and practitioners have been in meetings. They also helped the nurses restock and get ready for the work to be done in Nicaragua. The Navy personnel were so grateful to have the extra hands and to have others work beside them voluntarily.

Today, the military is going ashore for setup. At this site, we have to anchor so far out that every has to be flown to shore, therefore the space is limited as to who and what goes ashore. Also, Nicaragua has limited the flights to morning and late afternoon or evening only.

The planning and coordination of all this really boggles the mind. I applaud all who coordinate this and get the mission accomplished.

Photos and story by Bonnie Hudlet, HOPE's Volunteer Public Affairs Officer

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