Monday, May 10, 2010

Little Time for Rest

It was the usual wake-up call this a.m., with the roosters encouraging not only the morning along but also me. First I checked my e-mail to see if there were any messages I need to respond to immediately. After completing, this very simple task I headed to the clinic, where a few candidates were already waiting for evaluation and physical therapy. Already the prosthetists were busy as little elves in the lab making prosthesis.

Today's clinic hours were expected to be quiet, as this was not our usual intake day. Thankfully for this, as I have been feeling very drained and exhausted recently and could easily welcome a late morning sleep in and or an afternoon nap. Maybe a late morning sleep is out of the question but I certainly took advantage of an afternoon power nap. This felt so good, but it only had me craving for more. No time to waste, I got up and went back to the clinic, where the physical therapist were already busy seeing the patients that were scheduled for the afternoon session.

The day ended at 1600, and I embraced the possibility of an early evening shower and dinner with the hopes of having an early evening to bed. Tomorrow the prosthetic team and I will head out to Port-au-Prince to one of the orphanages to measure and cast new candidates for prosthesis.

Thanks for reading-Project HOPE volunteer Joy Williams

Photos by Allison Shelley

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