Thursday, May 20, 2010

Dave in D.C.

Spent the day in Washington D.C., with 8-year-old Dave, his dad, Louis-phanor, and Project HOPE volunteers Dr. Marjorie Curran and nurses, Joy Williams and Marie-Ange Casimir. Love hearing all their stories about their work in Haiti, but mostly enjoying seeing Dave so energetic and independent. He is being fitted for prosthesis in Boston, but brought his wheel chair to D.C. Still, he likes to maneuver it himself. He and his dad play a game where he convinces his dad to let go of the wheelchair and off Dave goes by himself, smiling and not looking back. I can only imagine what a reward it must be for our volunteers to be able to follow and help in the long-term progress of this amazing little boy.

Check back tomorrow for news on Dave’s night at the Project HOPE fundraising Gala.

Thanks for reading--Melanie
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