Friday, May 21, 2010

Dave Offers Powerful Example of 400,000 Patients Served

Last night Project HOPE held our annual fundraising Gala and celebrated our successful humanitarian assistance partnership with the U.S. Navy that has resulted in more than 400,000 people receiving care in more than 40 countries, more than 110,000 health care professionals receiving training and more than $35 million of medicines and medical supplies being distributed. But as impressive as all these numbers are, they paled in comparison to a real life example of how these missions actually touch people’s lives.

Dave, an 8-year-old boy who was severely injured during the earthquake in Haiti, made an appearance at the Gala, alongside his Dad, Loius-phanor. Celebrating Dave’s story was the highlight of the event. Dave was trapped underneath the rumble of his house for three days after the earthquake. He endured two amputations and had his nose completely rebuilt and he lost his younger brother in the disaster. Yet somehow, when Dave was brought aboard the USNS Comfort for care, he managed to inspire many of the Project HOPE volunteers, members of the U.S. Navy and other volunteers serving on the boat with his contagious smile.

Dave is currently receiving follow-up care in the U.S. and has another operation to go through before returning to Haiti. Yet seeing him on the stage, healthy, active and independent, all dressed up in his little tuxedo with his proud dad standing behind him and Admiral Roughhead and Dr. Howe beside him, Dave gave everyone in attendance a powerful example of one life changed and a little glimpse of what 400,000 people cared for really means.

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