Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Continuing Promise team visits orphanage in Guyana

Saturday was a productive day for Project HOPE volunteers working hard at both medical sites and for many other various organizations helping out with operation Continuing Promise 2010. Near medical site two the military help set up a new play ground for the kids and by the end out the day they kids where playing on it.

Nancy Stockman, a certified nurse midwife and family nurse practitioner, went to the New Amsterdam Hospital where she met with their local labor and delivery unit.

"We exchanged ideas, it was wonderful, and we had a big teaching session. We got to see the postpartum unit as well. It was fascinating to see the similarities and differences. It was really fun,” said the Project HOPE volunteer.

Gai Cole a member of John Hopkins Department of Emergency Medicine went to the Alpha School House, an orphanage with roughly 36 kids from five to ten years old. Cole went to the orphanage with Give a Kid a Backpack, and members from other organizations.

"The Navy chaplain had a whole kit to make balloon animals and we handed out stuffed animals to all the kids. Like any kid you run into in the United States, they were swapping the animals. Each kid went though about three different animals before they found the one they liked. We gave the pastor clothes to hand out to the kids," said Cole.

With so many great organizations helping out with as many people as they can, it makes this a strong tight working group.

Photos and story by Kris Radder, HOPE's Volunteer Public Affairs Officer
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