Monday, May 25, 2009

Project HOPE Volunteers Get to Work, Even on Liberty Leave

A new group of volunteers joined the Continuing Promise 2009 humanitarian mission while it was on liberty port in Cartagena, Colombia, but that didn’t stop Dr. Marshall Cusic from getting right to work. While out touring the city and visiting a market place, Dr. Cusic, a pediatrician from Wisconsin was practicing his Spanish speaking skills with a store owner, explaining the work he would be doing in some Latin American countries over the next few weeks. Hearing that he was a doctor, the store owner asked Dr. Cusic to look at her young son who was working by his mother at the market. The mother was concerned about the 2-year-old’s rash.

Dr. Cusic proceeded to ask to the mother a few questions, communicating in Spanish. “I did what I would do as if I were working in a clinic,” he explained. “I asked about fever, cold, when the rash appeared and other symptoms.”

Dr. Cusic concluded the boy had a heat rash and advised the mother on how to care for it. “You could tell the mom was relieved,” he said. “And we had a good laugh. She liked that we figured it out together."

Tomorrow--technology permitting-meet all the Project HOPE volunteers working in Panama.

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