Monday, May 18, 2009

HOPE Volunteers Complete Work in Antigua

Even in the final moments during the Antigua mission, Project HOPE healthcare volunteers continued to make substantial and sustainable changes to many patients’ lives. Due to their efforts and those of the USNS Comfort’s medical staff, a 9-year-old cerebral palsy boy got a wheelchair, a 35-year-old quadriplegic man got the antibiotics needed to save his life, a 55-year-old woman was treated for a severe allergic reaction, and a 37-year old woman (who had already had one non-debilitating stroke) got medication to treat her severe and uncontrolled hypertension—probably saving her life.

Even as we packed up our gear, the Antiguans kept thanking us for our efforts. “God bless Project HOPE,” said one lady. “We all thank you so much for being here.”

-By Dr. Ken Iserson, serving as Project HOPE's volunteer medical director in Antigua

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