Friday, May 8, 2009

Photos of Volunteers at Work in Antigua

Linda, Sandy, Tom and Kelly are joined by the "Three Amigos" -- Captain Ware, Commodore Lineberry and Captain Finger -- at the ceremonial turnover of gifts in kind in St. John's, Antigua

Ken, Kelly, Elie, Linda, Sandy, Jan and Darlene muster in CASREC, going ashore in Antigua.

This is how they got ashore. The Coral Ark is easier to embark and disembark but she is SLOOOOOOOOW. Gives us more time to work on tans and enjoy the ever-changing colors of the water.

Lynn, Susan, Michele and Jane good to go for the first day of medical education and training in Antigua.

Dr. Darlene Lee consults with a pediatric patient and her mother in Antigua.
Dr. Ken Iserson and a family in Antigua.

Kelly Magee kept schoolkids smiling at the main clinic site in Antigua.

Jan Auerbach triaged hundreds of patients per day in Antigua.

Sandy Larson with a happy patient.

The Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Antigua & Barbuda gives the opening declaration for the Continuing Promise mission in his country.

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