Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Two Volunteers Join Team

With Liberia we have added two more volunteers to our team, which I met for the first time today.(I was sick their first day with the PH team.)

Valdez Bravo
Valdez is a biomedical equipment technician from Portland, Oregon. He currently works as a medical equipment repairman at the VA Center. He is here to assess what equipment at JFK and Redemption Hospital can be fixed, since many of the medical machines at these hospitals have been ruined do to surges in electricity in Liberia, and to fix equipment. I actually ran into him today as he was taking pictures of equipment that was in disrepair so that he could put a game plan together. Also he already fixed a centrifuge and a blood bank refrigerator at Redemption Hospital.

Julia Chevan
Julia is from Florence, Massachusetts. She is a physical therapist with over 22 years experience in physical therapy and is also a college level instructor and professor at Springfield College in Springfield, MA. She is working side-by-side with the only two physical therapists at JFK in the rehabilitation center. Chevan is assisting with patients and providing hands on training to the physical therapy team.
--Marisol Euceda

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  1. Valdez is a Generous,loving Caring individual.