Saturday, March 15, 2008

The boat took off this morning around 8:30. It was great to go up to the helicopter landing and watch it get started. This boat doesn’t require a tug boat; it can get its self out to the ocean on its own which is pretty cool. There were some dolphins following the boat when we got further out at sea and we are all still trying to get our sea legs. This boat is no crusie ship so you feel it move a lot more. Because I am now confined to the ship for the next couple days I don’t have much to write about. Maybe I will get some rest. I’ve had scratchy throat for two days so I guess I should take this opportunity to sleep in a little. I think most of the volunteers are resting up so they are ready for Liberia. As the boat took off this morning we all looked at the place we were leaving behind. I think most would love to return. It has truly been a fantastic experience.
--Marisol Euceda

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  1. Hello,

    My husband, Valdez, is the biomed technician who will be joining you all in Monrovia. Thanks for posting this. Even though we are in touch via email, this blog will give me an added perspective and deeper understanding of what things are like for him out there.

    Love you, Valdez!