Friday, March 14, 2008

Project HOPE Volunteers Travel to Liberia

Today we woke up early, packed up our stuff and said goodbye to our cooks and drivers and headed to the HSV Swift. We are taking the Swift to Liberia and will be on it for three days. The Swift already has a crew of about 44 people on it and it isn’t a really big boat so we will be sharing rooms aboard it. All the Project HOPE women are in one cabin together. The cabin has 15 beds in it. These beds are stacked against the walls in threes so you can pick the top, middle or bottom bunk. The Project HOPE men are either in overflow—which is rows of beds stacked up in the hall. There is a laundry room on the ship so we will get to do some laundry while aboard the ship and they are feeding us. We will also be able to watch movies on deck. The Swift leaves Ghana tomorrow around 9:00 am and won’t arrive until Monday morning in Liberia so I have a feeling we will all be a little stir crazy by the time we get there. After we settled in a few of us went out in town with some of the soldiers before we had two days of just being on the boat. It was fun to go out and Joy bought a great Ghanaian painting but after a while our tiredness kicked in and we just wanted to head back to the boat. Most of Saturday is suppose to be pretty calm but the waves are suppose to pick up late Saturday and Sunday which may make a few of us sick. So here we are leaving tomorrow and looking forward to what lies ahead in Liberia. I think it may actually be a shock for some of us, including myself. Ghana is a poor country and sometimes you can’t believe how some people have to live here and there were things and places we saw that shocked us a little but everyone who has been to Liberia keeps telling us how much worse off Liberia is. Ghana has been a humbling and educational experience and I am sure Liberia will be the same.
--Marisol Euceda

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