Monday, August 16, 2010

More Than 4000 Patient Encounters in Haiti

August 2 was the last day of appointments at Med Site 1 in Haiti. The high rate of patient flow which yielded over 800 encounters yesterday increased even further.

“Well, it went so smoothly because we’ve gotten all the kinks out (over the previous days),” said Project HOPE team member Sandy McCormack.

Unfortunately, the Iwo Jima was tentatively scheduled to depart for Guantanamo Bay tonight, so Med Site 1 only performed services for half a day. Even so, they saw over 500 patients.

Tonight at the 1900 briefing on the next day’s activities, Captain Tanner reported that, during our eight-day-long stay in Haiti, we encountered 4054 patients.

Commodore Negus also offered his words of praise for civilians’ role in the exercise. It’s your hard work, persistence, character, and individual drive that touches folks... This is an absolutely magnificent, magnificent start to a magnificent deployment.”

All of the HOPE team is looking to duplicate the triumphs we’ve had in Haiti in Colombia. A day of R&R awaits us at Gitmo. But it won’t be long before we have our boots on the ground again.

Story and photos by HOPE volunteer and PAO, Eric Campbell

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