Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Changes and Challenges in Ghana

As the days progress, we continue our needs assessment of the emergency services and continue to evaluate skill sets and standardized procedures of the medical and nursing staff. We are amazed at the ingenuity, energy and dedication of the staff. They seem to do so much with so little, and so efficiently. We are identifying many similarities in our practices as well some major differences in training, standards and procedures.

The hospital lacks some very basic necessities. There is one EKG machine for the entire facility. Worse yet, is the fact that it is available less than 12 hours per day. There are no readily available airway adjuncts in most areas. Basic cardiac monitoring is nonexistent. Oxygen is a precious commodity. X-ray equipment lacks repairs for years. Trolleys (stretchers) are few and far between. Wheelchairs are craftily designed from plastic chairs.

We and those that will follow us from Project HOPE are committed to helping Tema General strengthen its weaknesses and move forward. There are certainly many stumbling blocks along the way, including lack of resources, fear of change, cultural differences, and motivational factors at all levels. We feel that this is a worthy and necessary challenge and will forge ahead one day at a time, helping and providing support as we step forward.

Thanks for reading-Marley Gevanthor and Elise Chamberlain
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