Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Project HOPE Medicines and Supplies Helping Haitians Now

Report from the Field....

Hope staff members Teresa Navares and Doug Lane traveled with an official delegation to the Haitian/Dominican Republic border town of Jimani to see first hand the Haitian refugees being treated there . The facility and its staff are overwhelmed with patients needing treatment for crush wounds, lacerations, infections and stress related disorders. The clinic sits 50 km’s from Port-au-Prince, and critical patients are being transported by helicopter. A Project HOPE shipment - a 40 foot ocean container filled with medicines and medical supplies valued at $1 million- designated for a clinic in the Dominican Republic arrived in the country just after the earthquake. A quick decision was made to move the antibiotics, analgesics, bandages, antiseptics and other critically needed items from this shipment and give it to the Jimani clinic . As a result Project HOPE donated medicines and medical supplies were delivered to this facility immediately after the earthquake and are saving lives now.

More updates on our earthquake relief efforts in Haiti.

Check back as we continue to document Project HOPE's Earthquake Relief Efforts in Haiti......and please support our work today.

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  1. Thank you for all your dedication and work. Thoughts are with the Haitians and the people who are there to help.

    Mary Jane Reed,MD
    Project Hope 2007