Friday, January 22, 2010

HOPE Staff Help Haitian Man

Project HOPE staff Matt Peterson and Doug Lane were visiting a hospital in Port-au-Prince to assess the needs of the site. Matt stepped outside to see the surrounding area. Despite surgery taking place outside the facility, with-in feet of the road piles of burning trash still surrounded the area. Matt noticed a man outside in need of aid. His leg was broken, cut and heavily infected and he also suffered from head trauma. Matt approached one of the British doctors working at the site and asked if the man could be brought inside the hospital. The doctor agreed and asked Matt and Doug to find something that could be used as a stretcher. Matt, Doug and a driver carried the man down the street and into the hospital. “When we put him down, he was repeating hallelujah, hallelujah,” Doug said. “When we left he was receiving aid from the very professional British team of doctors.”

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