Thursday, November 4, 2010

5,515 Patients Treated in Guyana

As the humanitarian assistance and health education mission in Guyana finished up last week, Project HOPE volunteers along with the USS Iwo Jima crew were treated with a visit from the President of Guyana, Bharat Jagdeo.

Volunteer, Jeanine Trethewey, a registered nurse from State College, Pennsylvania saw President Jagdeo as he walked though the post operating room and met with fellow Guyanese people that had received medical coverage on the USS Iwo Jima.

"It was an awesome day, we had 10 patients that had surgery today, and 10 people that went home," Jeanine says. "It was very exciting as we had the President of Guyana come though the doors and the smiles on the faces of the Guyanese people was just unbelievable. They were so excited to see him. People had their photos taken with him, he was a very nice gentleman, and he thanked us, and it was very cool."

In Guyana, HOPE volunteers along with their military and other NGO counterparts:

Treated 5,515 patients
Performed 114 surgeries
Participated in 4,108 health education contacts

Check back for more on the Suriname mission soon.

Photos and story by Kris Radder, HOPE's Volunteer Public Affairs Officer

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