Friday, April 9, 2010

Never a Day Off for Volunteers in Haiti

Today was somewhat on the quiet side, but it was not one of complete rest as I had to get caught up on emails and get my discharge list completed to alert Dianne of (Christian Medical Mission Board) CMMB as to the number of patients that would be returning with her to Port-au-Prince on Tuesday.

The rest of the morning was spent in St. Marc, about a 1-hour’s drive from Deschapelle to shop for paint. We bought some beautiful bright colors that we will use to paint some of the exam rooms in the clinic. After lunch and a short nap, four of us headed to the Hanger Clinic where we started painting. We put on some music on and while we listened, sang and chatted, we were able to complete 1 ½ rooms. One room was painted neon yellow and the other deep sea blue. Yahhh, Awesome.

While we were at the Hanger clinic we were visited by a group from In Touch Ministry in St. Marc. They informed us that they heard of the Hanger clinic and the service we were providing the amputees on the special report by MSNBC. As we all talked, the leader of the group stated that they had a number of clients that they would like to bring to the clinic for prosthesis. Information was taken and follow-up will be made.

Thanks for reading-Project HOPE volunteer Joy Williams

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  1. Wow, Joy. They have you doing a little bit of everything! :)

    Josh says to say hi! :)

    Love ya, Donna