Friday, February 19, 2010

Heartfelt "Thank You" from Haitian Patients

Project HOPE volunteer Angela Portillo just returned from a three week rotation onboard the USNS Comfort off the coast of Haiti where she volunteered as a medical surgical nurse.

The hours were long and days blended together, but despite the devastation of the country, the inconceivable loss of life and the countless broken bones and serious lacerations needing immediate attention, Angela told me she was inspired by the spirit of the Haitian people. “The most profound thing to me was how quickly the patients learned to say thank you to us, in English,” Angela says.

“The patients could be in terrible pain while we worked to change their dressings or perform necessary procedures, but when we were done they would always look us straight in the eye, or grab our hands and look right at us and say 'thank you.'”

Visit TV3 Winchester to view a news clip of Angela recounting her experiences in Haiti.

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- Melanie

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  1. I salute you for providing help to the people of Haiti. In this moment of time, we really need to help each other. It sad that haiti experienced a big challenge but makes me smile because all people are kind enough to extend their hand. right?