Friday, September 4, 2009

Project HOPE Volunteers Arrive In Liberia

Everything is in place for an excellent two week mission here at the JFK. The Navy has been very welcoming and the JFK administration is familiar with HOPE and is very excited to have us back.

Our midwifery team will be working at the Maternity Hospital within the JFK campus and have a solid plan in place for getting a lot of work done along with the capstone midwifery course. The team is very excited and this really does promise to be an excellent mission.

--Submitted by Matthew Peterson, Project HOPE Mission Coordinator

Volunteers Tom Stanton, Jennifer Oh, Amanda Cooper-Lawrence and Kathleen Martin stand out front of the HSV Swift docked in the port of Monrovia.

Volunteers Kathleen Martin, Jennifer Oh and Amanda Cooper-Lawrence meet their counterparts in the labor and delivery ward of the JFK Hospital in Monrovia.

Check back as we continue to document Project HOPE volunteers as they work around the world......and please support our dedicated medical volunteers.

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