Thursday, August 20, 2009

Pharmacy in The Soloman Islands

Steve and I have adapted to the requirements of setting up, working and retrograding a site very quickly.

We have also made an effort to use our skills to enhance patient care. Steve has taken the initiative to discuss patient medications with providers for clarification or substitutions. I have used my certification in administering IM injections to deliver antibiotic injections to patients to enable the nurses to assist providers in seeing more patients.

We had the opportunity to work with Auki pharmacy officers and I donated a Washington Manual to them for reference. I also donated a Lexicomp Drug Handbook to the Navy pharmacy technician who is working with us. The iPod touch Lexicomp program that I am using is an invaluable tool for checking on doses and appropriate therapies.

The phenomenal experience about this mission is the diverse set of personnel-Australian Navy and Air Force, British medical students, Canadian army. On one of the days in Good Samaritan (hospital), we actually did 500 prescriptions!

Thanks for Reading --Alla Marks

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