Saturday, July 11, 2009

Mother Drives Her Son Across Two Countries to Get Care

Another awesome story is this little boy, Oscar. He and his mother are actually Salvadoran. He’s got strabismus (wandering eye), and his mother brought him to one of the sites in El Salvador late in the stay last week. Late enough that we were able to do a work up for him, but not able to get him into one of the ORs—they had all been booked for some time.

So she asked, “Where are you going next?” We told her, and with a simple, “Ok,” she left...Only to show up at the site in Chinandega, Nicaragua, on the first day it was open, paperwork in hand. She’d driven him across two countries just to see us. The ORs were wide open. With that drive, she’d changed the course of her son’s life. He was operated on today, and as the muscles in his eyes get used to their new positions, they will line up as they should.

Thanks for reading-Jacob

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