Thursday, November 13, 2008

Project HOPE Volunteer Reports from the USS Kearsarge

Unfortunately, I haven't been off the ship yet. But Project HOPE volunteers and their lifesaving work continue to be covered in the local Guyanese media. I've included a couple media clip links below.

I think I will be on the ship one more day before making landfall. Then, I'll be able to provide more details on HOPE volunteers’ activities. Over the next 10 days I'll be in Mabaruma, Georgetown, Port Kaituma and Santa Rosa - all Guyanese locations where Project HOPE volunteers are working. I'll send more detailed information and pictures once I meet up with HOPE volunteers that have been in the field the past couple days. I'm sure they have some amazing stories to share.

Life on the ship continues to impress me. The people on board are quite diverse. The Navy's Continuing Promise Mission to Latin America, which Project HOPE is a part of, involves service people from all branches of the US military. Canada, France, Brazil and the Netherlands also lend medical staff from their military to support the mission. During my free time I've had the opportunity to get to know the military staff much better.

The Kearsarge crew has all been really friendly. Any time I get lost below deck, which happens a lot, they point me in the right direction. In my exploration, I've seen most of the ship. Several of the crew asked for Project HOPE t-shirts which I was happy to provide.

-John Bobosh

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