Thursday, September 25, 2008

Project HOPE Volunteers Don't Slow Down Their Pace

This is the last blog entry in the series "Snap Shots from the Field" written by Project HOPE volunteer Lynne S.

Lynne, a freelance writer from Oregon, was HOPE's volunteer Public Affairs Officer (PAO) on the USS Kearsarge while it was in Nicaragua. Thanks for your hard work Lynne!

Happy reading!

Snap Shots from the Field... "Everyone will be this day."

Project HOPE volunteer nurse Michelle Pena listens through a stethoscope, then tells another woman that her heart sounds good. Pena’s eyes lift when the woman hands her a foil packet of medications she was told to take. Pena and a military doctor carefully scrutinize the packet, trying to determine what kind of medication it is.
A cooling breeze flows through the open windows of the classrooms. Shadows disappear and the lines outside slowly dwindle to a few dozen people.
As the day winds down, medical providers are acutely aware of people still in line, many of whom have waited all night to see someone.
Most of the doctors and nurse practitioners see an average of 50 patients each day. They are exhausted, yet no one slows down their pace.

There are just too many people who need help. Fortunately, everyone will be seen this day.

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