Monday, August 4, 2008

Someone recently sent me a link to a relatively new social networking site I hadn't heard of it before so I decided to check it out. Project HOPE already has a Myspace page and a Facebook page and as new websites come along I hope to add Project HOPE to them. SocialVibe is a social media site that connects people to specific brands to raise money and awareness of the social causes they care about. Members select a charity or cause they care about and get sponsored brands to support them by adding a tag to their Myspace, Facebook and any other social site page.

It sounds like a good idea so I have signed Project HOPE up. However, for us to be added to general cause category and begin earning donations we need to invite 200 more people to join us on SocialVibe. To receive our charity page and receive direct donations from supporters we need to have 500 successful invites.

So here I am asking our blog readers out there to join us on It's for a good cause and really simple. Just click on the link below!

Project HOPE invites you to
--Marisol Euceda

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